Yorba Linda

Above it All Roofing seems like one of those old school, professional companies that we all hope and expect we get when we make our first phone call for service. I had never dealt with a roofing company before but noticed last Monday that a tile had slipped off our roof. I didn’t know whether there was any other damage or whether any other tiles had fallen or were misplaced so I called Above it All Roofing. I called 5 companies total. 4 were based in OC. The first, based in OC, said Yorba Linda was too far and couldn’t come out. The second, highly rated on Angie’s List, was only looking for re-roofing projects. They wouldn’t even take repair jobs until November and said thanks for calling. The third never called me back. The fourth quoted me $385 for a repair of 1 to 5 tiles and said they couldn’t come out for another two weeks, even to inspect the damage. Jay with Above It All called me back within 2 hours and had me penciled in for that Friday. My appointment was for 9am. He showed up at 8:56am. How many companies show up on time? Seriously. I showed Jay where the tile had moved and he said this would be a quick fix. He said he’d have his foreman come out THAT DAY to fix it and check the rest of my roof for any damages. I went to work, came back later that afternoon and the roof was fixed. Jay called me later that night to confirm and told me everything with the roof was good to go. The charge? Nothing. He said it was a 10 minute job so there was no need to pay. Just a true professional calling things as he saw it, and following through on a job where he wasn’t even being paid. I just don’t think that kind of honesty exists much these days. Too many people trying to make a quick buck. It’s refreshing to know there are companies like this still around. Thank you Jay and to your company for all your help. If I ever need work done on my roof I guarantee I’ll be calling you.