Remove all old roof layers to roof rafters. Install new sheathing, felt and composite shingles with addition of a 1″ layer of insulation at location at rear of house. Install new valley and edge metal, roof dormers, seal all pipes and roof vents and replace faulty sealing around chimney and replace any dry rot or termite-damaged wood.
I knew on the first day of the roofing job that I had been correct in my choice when the president of the company, Mike Allen, and one of
his product specialists, Dave Brunn, showed up early ( 7:30) even before the demo crew. I had concerns about the dust and debris falling
from the roof into a family room space which had high ceilings and no attic space and would be open to the effects of the crew working
above. Mike and Dave spent an hour carefully laying plastic sheeting throughout the family room area, covering all the furniture and settingcurtains to act as a barrier to dust going into other parts of the house. I was impressed by their thoroughness and concern. It was a great touch especially when you don’t expect the president of the company to be so closely involved in small details and I had high hopes for all aspects of the job.
The roof removal crew worked fast and with six hours had the old roof off and the area ready for the installers. The demo crew had placed
tarps over the plants and spent time afterwards cleaning up the area and getting it ready for the next day’s work. The installers, supervised by Alex Leon, were great and always took time to tell me what was going on and to show me up close what they were doing at all times. I did have some wood which needed to be replaced but it was not a lot and Alex gave me a good price for it’s replacement. Every roofing job has
it’s unexpected problems and my chimney proved to be one. But Alex was patient and thorough and spent at least six hours working on getting new flashing made up and fitting correctly and sealed so no problems would arise. The work was sharp and professional and Alex had the
chimney looking very good and I’m confident it will be watertight. The crew putting up the shingles, led by Alex’s brother, Eduardo, worked fast and the new roof proved to be everything we hoped it would be. It looks great and we’re very happy with it. They spent extra time painting all the flashing metal to my satisfaction and even did a little extra painting where the stucco met the flashing. Very nice. Also, at the end of each work day they would clean the area and never seemed hurried to get off the roof and get home without first cleaning up. By
the fifth day the roof was done and there had been no surprises, mistakes or other annoyances to make me regret my decision to go with this
company. I would highly recommend Above It All Roofing to anyone. This is a great company