I contacted six roofing contractors. Two never returned my calls, one declined the work due to a heavy workload, and three provided me with estimates. Above It All Roofing came in at the highest bid but also had the most positive reviews on Angie’s List than any other contractor I contacted. That said, it goes without saying, you get what you pay for. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the work he and his team performed and would highly recommend them and use them again in the future. My comfort level with the three that provided me with estimates wained in comparison to Above It All Roofing. Jay provided me with the highest level of respect, professionalism, punctuality and workmanship that one would expect when choosing a contractor for a job. Jay was respectful of my time by being punctual and communicating with me when schedules were in conflict. I was so impressed with Jay’s professionalism and the way he conducted business over the phone, that I described my situation to a buddy of mine who lives out of town but has a rental property right around the corner from me. He told me his renters informed him that his roof was leaking as well. Based on my due diligence in sourcing out contractors and the explanation I gave about how professional and respectful I was treated by Jay and his staff, my buddy asked me if I could get Jay to give him an estimate for his repairs as well. Jay made the trip out to our homes during Southern California’s heaviest rainfall in recent memory to survey the damage, keep in mind that it’s pouring down rain by the bucket loads. Jay provided us both with estimates and extended us a discount because we had two homes being taken care of by Jay and his team. Jay contacted my buddy directly to solidify the deal between them. The rains had finally ceased and on the day of repair Jay and his team showed up early which was a very nice surprise considering contractors are typically not very punctual. They performed the repairs, cleaned up the mess, then headed to my buddy’s place to fix his roof leak. They cleaned up their mess as well, and I settled my business with Jay as a very happy person now that our roof has been repaired. No more sourcing out roofing contractors for this kid. One call to Above It All Roofing is all you need to make.