Santa Ana

My wife and I bought a 1959 mid century modern home in North Tustin. This house need everything, especially a roof. The house had a 8-10 year old tar and gravel (T&G) roof that was in poor condition and needed replacement. We set out to determine which type of roof to replace it with, since we definitely did not want to put a T&G back on it. Finding the right roofing company want easy. We had a total of 4 bids. Some of the roofers seemed tentative to do such s low pitched roof, but gave a bid anyway. We decided to chose Above it all because they seemed confident, were punctual, flexible to our needs and tilmeline, and offers the best products and warranty. Once the work started, they again were professional and clean. We had very expensive gutters that had to be installed before the roof was put on, and they were very careful and did not damage them at all. The job foreman, Helio, ran a very tight crew and was a working foreman as well. He was excellent, even customized the drip metal size for us since our house was a one of a kind in that standard 4-inch metal was to small. He had 4-1/2-inch fabricated overnight and the job kept on schedule. After the roof was installed, the last process was application of the Gaco roof coating. This stuff was and is amazing! It is two coats applied by hand rollers. It ends up being at least 22 mile thick and creates one continuous me brands over your new roofing. When applied correctly as AIA did, there is no way water can penetrate it.

OK, now for the particulars. Here are the 5 layers of material that were applied to our roof starting at the bare wood. 2-inch ISO foam board, 7/16-inch OSB board, 1 layer of rolled cap sheet (2 in all valleys and low areas), 2 complete rolled layers of Gaco roof coating (at least 22 mils thick).

Since the roof was put on the house inside has changed dramatically. It is much cooler in the summer and the sound proofing is excellent. We live in the flight path to OC John Wayne Airporrt, and we experience the before and after noise. The after is much quieter. The change in temperature has to do with a few things. The insulation actor of the ISO foam board is R12and the Gaco coating is white for reflectivity and meets the ,California Title 24 requirement. And the best part about Gaco roof coating is that it is covered by a 50 year warranty! And, AIA gives a 10 year warranty on the roof itself and labor.

We also installed 5 Velux skylights. AIA did a perfect job preparing the openings and flashings, and then installing them after the Gaco coating was finished.

We have had 5-10 rainstorms since our new roof was installed. A few have been very heavy, at least an inch per hour. We haven’t had a drop of water come into our house, garage, or covered lanai! As you collect your bids, definitely include AIA, and choose them! You will not be disappointed! And don’t always take the low bid. They were not the lowest, but in the ballpark. You get what you pay for most of the time. And in this case choosing a little higher in price proved to be a winner for the most important component of the exterior of your house. Thank you Jay Gioia, Helio, Alex and the rest of the crew! You all did an amazing job for us!