Santa Ana

We had a leak in our cement tile roof. Each tile’s weight was approximately 10 lbs.
They removed all existing tiles, installed 2 layers of felt paper. They installed new
pipe flashings and roof vents. Repaired any dry-rot they found – and then re-installed
existing tiles, replacing any that were broken or damaged.
We meant with the President, Michael and his Associate, David at our home. They
explained to us that it was the “paper” underneath that was failing – and that we would continue to have problems with other leaks if we repaired just the current leak.
We were impressed with their professionalism and their willingness to answer all of our
We signed a contract and as they were deluged with business because of the recent rains – our start date was approximately
two weeks away.
Before our start date, the weather report was for some more heavy rain. We called on a
Friday voicing concern that there might be more damage. David came out that afternoon and placed heavy plastic over that area, anchoring it with bricks we had borrowed from a
That night at 3 A.M. we were awakened by a noise of the bricks being displaced and moving by the exceptionally strong winds and rain. We went out in the pouring rain and saw
that the plastic protection had been blown partially off.
We were concerned about more damage being done, so I called Above It All’s telephone
number and to our amazement
they actually had an answering service. I told the gentleman the problem and our
concerns and he said he would forward
it on.
They sent a supervisor, Alejandro,. out at 6 am that Saturday morning in the pouring rain and wind and he got up on the roof and re-secured all and then gave us his personal cell number, and said he didn’t live far away & would come over on the weekend if we had any more problems. And he was not even the Supervisor of our job, but needless to say we
were most impressed with company’s responsiveness.
When the job started David with there several times each day to assure all with going
well. He is a perfectionist, wanted the job done right and we think it was. He was also
very nice and pleasant to work with even coming to our home several times, when he was on vacation, camping on the beach with his family for the holidays to make sure all was
going well and to our satisfaction.
His on-site Supervisor, Helio, and has crew were on time each morning, they were very
professional and hard-working the entire day. It was definitely a crew that took pride
in doing a good job. They also cleaned up at the end of each day, making sure that any
debris was placed in the on-site dumpster and blowing/sweeping the patios before leaving each day.
When they were finished, they walked the job to make sure all was completed. Later, when we found a few minor, paint scrapings, etc. David and the entire crew came back. Our
old tile had been had been discontinued and Mike and David
were able to find some at a “tile graveyard” and purchased what was there for our job,
knowing it would not be found elsewhere. There were some tiles left and the crew, was
nice enough to carry and stack them in an outside shed.
It is unusual these days to find a company and it’s employees that actually put customer service first and have pride in doing
a good job – and work hard to accomplish that goal.