San Juan Capistrano

Provided estimates for roof tune-up to fix immediate problems and new roof. I was
advised that a new roof is not needed at the moment and I could get maybe another 5 years out of the existing roof with a tune-up. Since we had just bought the house and had a
lot of expenses we selected the roof tune-up.
Communication with Above It All was good. They used an answering service for incoming
calls but they followed up with a call back to us in a reasonable timeframe. I believe I dealt with Jay. He was easy to understand and answered any question I had for him.
The day of the tune-up he and the crew arrived right on time, and may have even been a
few minutes early but not too early. The crew was up on the roof and at work very
quickly. They completed at least the following work within 3-4 hours:
Realigned Spanish tiles
Replaced broken tiles
Repaired broken attic wall boards at pitched to flat roof transition
Inspected all flashing. Fixed and resealed flashing that needed it. Examples, pitched to flat roof transition, fireplace, and sky lights.
Inspected all vent tubes. Fixed and resealed any that needed it.
Removed previous owner’s OLD satellite dish and resealed holes

This was my first experience in the area with a roofer. Above It All Roofing made the
process painless. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.