San Juan Capistrano

Dave Leclerq arranged to come out at 8:30 AM to take a look at an area we thought might have a leak. The doorbell rang at 8:30 and 10 seconds, which was very impressive. We described the problem and showed him the photos we had taken back from all the rain in February, and he spent about 15 minutes explaining to us the types of issues that could have caused what we saw and answering our questions (“Roofing 101”). He then went up on the roof (further educating my husband about “how to walk on a tile roof without breaking anything”, much appreciated) and after checking out everything he came back down with a detailed diagram of other areas that might need attention, as well as a plan for handling the leaky area with the smallest amount of disruption. We accepted his bid on the spot since it seemed reasonable to us, and he said he could probably get the work done in the next day or two. I called back that Thursday to see how the scheduling was going and found that they had in fact completed the work earlier that day! We are very happy with the result so far (waiting for rain now!) and recommend this company highly.