San Diego

Mike, the owner, came out to the house himself to assess the job and gave us a quote on the spot.  There was no pressure, just information presented in a calm and friendly manner, and we felt that he explained everything very well.  We had a fair amount of concern about how the plants around the house would be protected and he assured us that his workers would take every precaution.  On the day the job began, the crew showed up 45 minutes before they were legally allowed to start and, at precisely 7:00am, they started working and they worked as hard as any crew I’ve ever seen.  The job was difficult and very dirty (because of the old roof tiles breaking into small pieces), but they kept it pretty well contained and at the end of day, the clean-up was complete.  Plants came through the ordeal just fine, too!  Total time for completion of this job was 1/2 day less than we expected, so we were thrilled and the end result is a good looking roof with one less antenna!  A problem did develop on the job when a misstep by a worker put a hole through the ceiling in one of the bedrooms.  Mike responded immediately and sent a super-competent drywall repair person who did a perfect repair job.  We’re very happy that we chose Above It All Roofing and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.