Above It All Roofing provided an estimate the very next day after the initial visit. After a couple of days of price negotiations a final contract was agreed upon. The material was ordered and delivered; work was started within a week. Clean up was done at the end of each work day so the area was kept neat. Workers were polite and respectful of the property. I spent the time to research the variables that can go into roofing material before discussing with the contractor; I highly recommend this be done so that one can specify desirable items in the contract i.e. radiant barrier, underlayment, dormers, flashing, skylights etc. My contractor saw me as a highly knowledgeable homeowner. Make sure that you go over every detail of the contract for full understanding to avoid any surprises as to what is included and what is not. Make sure that you have the benefit of at least three bids that splits out all material costs and labor, especially anything that could be an extra cost such lumber, parts or permits. If your contractor does not want to spend the time to go over all details and answer every question, walk away. I spent an hour and half going over exactly what I wanted, what was included and how the job would be done before I signed the final agreement. I was extremely pleased with the out come of my project. I highly recommend Above It All Roofing Inc. Jay Gioia is a highly competent project manager.