Palm Springs

Put a new roof.  Had a glitch shortly thereafter.  Excellent service recovery.  Provider has promised to stand by his work and guarantee the quality of the roof well past the warranty. 

This is a follow up review to my earlier feedback.  I had a new roof put on and shortly thereafter, the first major storm hit Palm Springs and I sprung a leak in one of the bedrooms.  Jay and his team came a couple days later to fix the repair.  At the time, I was not happy.  The water damage had ruined some of my bedding.  Jay was very apologetic and offered to compensate me for the loss.  I didn’t have time to go back and forth discussing compensation– I just wanted the roof fixed properly.
And all is now well– the roof has held up.  We had major storms and there are no leaks.  In addition, Mike has offered to guarantee the work for as long as I live here.  I appreciate the company’s customer service.  As a result, I have revised my score to all “A’s”.