Palm Desert

Fixed a couple broken tiles and glued a bridge cap back on.
I had called three different roofing companies, Above It All Roofing. was the only
company to call me back And set an appointment..Scott came out right on time a couple days later and check out our whole roof and said we had a couple of cracked tiles and a
large piece of the concrete bridge That had broken off. He glued all three back together, and without even knowing we were from Angie’s list he said no charge.. Scott said in a
couple years we could probably use a roof tune up but we should be good till then….ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!
In this day and age to find that kind of integrity, If you have a roof problem this is
the place to go… Read all the reviews they are amazing, almost impossible to find this kind of AAA company nowadays…. Thanks Scott , Maureen Matthews, Palm Desert