Orange County

Jay showed up right on time and was very professional. Our rental property had a leak in the roof. Jay checked things out and determined that the likely issue was that nails were used to place the cap shingles (a no, no), so he suggested to replace the shingles, but said putting some sealant in the holes might be a good temporary solution (no guaranty) until then. He said his trip would be no charge and that I could easily do the job myself. Well, I don’t like climbing ladders/roofs, so I asked if he could do it since he was already on the roof and I had sealant available at the time. He agreed and did about 10-15 minutes worth of work. The big reason I’m so happy with him and this company is that he felt bad about charging me for such a short job, so he said again that  it would be no charge. WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE??? Well, he did…and because of that I will most certainly use them exclusively going forward. Thank you!