We had three different roofing companies out to provide us with quotes. Out of the three quotes Above It All was slightly higher than the cheapest quote but we decided to go with them anyway because they did not require any sort of down payment before they started and the other companies did. Mike (owner) and Scott (project manager) came out to provide the quote and I instantly felt at ease and could tell they both knew what they were talking about and I could tell they were both very experienced. My wife said she liked how our neighbors roof looked and with a quick glance they both were able to exactly identify the correct type and manufacture of shingles.

Our roof is somewhat odd and has two flat sections that always gave us issues. Scott and Mike recommended a silicone based material that is rolled on top of the flat rolled roofing sections. This was also a deciding factor for us as the other companies were quoting a cheaper “hot mop” option for the flat sections. The silicone material is white and will hopefully reflect a bit a heat in the summer. I am very happy that they recommended this as I was not aware that it was even an option.

Once we signed the contract they scheduled us for the week after Thanksgiving which was about a month out. But then they had their schedule open up and called to re-schedule for the week before Thanksgiving week. They arrived exactly on time every day and were very professional with their work. Our roof still had the old wood shingles under the current asphalt shingles so there was a lot of tear off work to be done which created a big mess. It was very nice to see how they were cleaning up throughout the day. It seemed there was always someone with a broom or leaf blower keeping the dust clear. I even noticed that they cleaned up my neighbors yard where some dust and pieces of wood had fallen.

In addition to replacing the roof we also had them add four new attic vents, and new kitchen exhaust vent and two new SolaTube lights. For the SolaTube lights I only had them install the flashing part that goes through the roof and I completed attic and inside work. I worked with the roofer directly on where I wanted everything placed and he was able to install everything right where I asked. We did have one slight miscommunication about who was connecting the kitchen vent in the attic but Scott responded immediately and had the roofer back out the following day to fix it.

Overall we were extremely happy with Above It All Roofing and would highly recommend using them to anyone needing roof work done.