Above It All Roofing removed a 20+ year old wood shake roof and installed a very nice looking composition roof on an area of approximately 5000 square feet. Took care of all dry rot, facia, additional plywood and all items necesary to do a good, complete job in the time they said it would take.

David Brunn, the company contact, was there constantly and made sure things were done correctly and without leaving a daily mess. In a lifetime, how often does a person need to put a new roof on their home? All I know is if I need to use them again, I’d have no hesitation calling them. David and the Above It All Roofing workers were on time, professional, knew what needed to be done and got it done correctly. Their pricing wasn’t the lowest, but reasonable. I believe they made up for a little difference in price by a big margine, my wife and I went about our normal daily routines without a concern that the house was getting a new roof. We’re both very happy with how quick and professional the roof was done, how very nice the house looks, and who we chose to do the work.