Newport Beach

Replaced a very aging wood shake roof with a brilliant looking composite shingles. also discovered some dry rot and replaced the fascia boards as well.

I contacted two roofers on Angie’s and had them visit and quote for the work. Both were extremely professional (the other being Weatherline) and came quickly to inspect the job. Both quotes were eminently reasonable but we went with Above it All Roofing for the detailed nature of the quote and the price economics. 
Our construction manager was Scott Logan and he was a real pro. I had anxiety about the job as I was travelling the entire time and did the arrangements via phone and email. Scott took me through the process with patience and candor and I was thoroughly relieved throughout the process by his professionalism. Once work commenced he kept me updated via mail, including sending jpegs of the work and progress and the (sad, but expected) discovery of dry rot. He checked with me first before doing the repair work that was not on the original quote and his price was more than fair. More jpegs followed and within about 3.5 days the roof was done. Again he sent photos and when I personally went to inspect the work (over Thanksgiving) I was entirely pleased by the result and the accuracy of the photos he had sent from the job site.
Getting contract work done is an anxiety we all know, and it was double for me as I could not be there in person. Scott and the Above it All crew were exactly what I needed to help guide me through the process and the result is better than imagined.
These guys are the bomb.