Above it All Roofing performed a complete recover of my roof, using GAF HD shingles.  They also replaced 220 linear feet of primed fascia board, and replaced all metal flashings and caps with new galvanized pipe, installed new crowns on all hips and ridges, sealed all openings and pipes, and replaced the drip edge.  In addition, they painted all the metal vents, flashings, and caps, removed my whirlibird vents and replaced them with new dormers. At no charge to me, they also removed my old T.V. antenna and hauled it away.
Scott, the project manager, made arrangements for delivery, first thing in the morning the first day, of all the materials needed to complete the job.  I was very impressed with the team that arrived with that material. They were efficient, courteous, and professional as well as being on time. I was particularly impressed with their truck which was equipped with a conveyer belt that moved all materials to the roof, thereby avoiding potential back injuries for the team members.
Scott and his team were professional, efficient, and effective. They answered all my questions, and clearly knew what they were doing. The final cost of re-roofing my house was exactly what Scott had estimated.  The only surprise was that the men used one length more of wood than Scott had estimated, but Scott did not charge me for it because it was not in the original estimate.

Scott came by on Saturday, Dec 8, and gave me an estimate to do a complete recover of my roof, which had just one layer of shingles on it. He also included, in the estimate, the cost of replacing all the fascia board and metal flashings. His estimate was in line with similar jobs that were reviewed on Angie’s List, and I felt I would be comfortable working with him, so I signed the contract that day. Knowing that I wished to have the job done before the first of the year, Scott arranged for his team to begin work on the roof the following Thursday, Dec 13. 
Because there was a chance of rain that day, Scott called me at 7am on Thursday to confirm that his crew would begin work as scheduled.  He called me a little later to let me know that the crew would be a little late, which I appreciated very much as it kept me from worrying when they did not arrive at the expected time.  As it turned out, their timing was perfect because the materials supply company arrived before them, and it took them about 45 minutes to unload their materials.  The roofing crew arrived a few minutes after the materials team left, and got right to work.
These  fellas worked hard all day long, with just one short break for lunch, when we had a little rain.  They worked together well as a team, and had the routine down pat.  They first removed the fascia board and replaced it with the new primed fascia board. They replaced the old metal flashings with new flashings, then got started with the shingles. This continued until it was almost dark.  At that point, they covered materials that would be damaged by rain, told me they would be back at 7am on Friday, and left.
At 7:05am on Friday, the roofing  team arrived. They completed the job in about three hours, cleaned up, and left.
 This has been a great expereince for me because it was stress free.  Scott took care of everything, including pulling the permit. He patiently answered all my questions the day of the estimate, and on the multiple occasions I called or texted him for more information. He also came by several times on Thursday to check on the team’s progress, and was there on Friday to make sure everything had been done correctly, and to be sure the team did a good job of cleaning up.
I absolutely love my new roof. It makes my house look much nicer, and has given me a lot of psychological comfort because now I don’t have to worry about rain water leaking into the house.
 I would definitely do business with Above it All Roofing again, and would definitely ask for Scott to be the project manager.  Without a doubt, he really means it when he says to call if there are any concerns or questions.  He came by today to take care of a small glitch between the old part of the house and an addition.  This was not a roofing issue, just something I requested they fix for me.  The roofing team forgot to do it so Scott took care of it.  Reliability, dependability, trustworthy are all words that come to mind when I think of Scott and Above it All Roofing.