Mission Viejo

Jay Gioia sent our his guys to replace a single roof tile that had fallen off at the peak of my roof.  They arrived earlier than expected, did the job quickly and neatly, then were gone in a flash.  A job well done.

I noticed that one of the tiles from my roof had fallen off.  I contacted three roofing contractors on Angie’s list.  Once did not return my call, the other told me I needed to buy a roof maintenance package for $550, then Jay called me back (thank goodness) he said he would swing by my house on his way home and give me an estimate.  As promised he came by later that evening and said the tile has simply fallen off and needed to simply be replaced.  He said his crew could be out the next morning first thing and they would replace it.  While he was there my husband and I asked him him some other roof related questions and he answered honestly and gave easy do it your self answers.  He didn’t try to sell me a new roof or anything unnecessary but told me that every 5 or so years having the roof inspected is a good idea.  I will definitely be calling him again!