Los Alamitos

Above It All Roofing is an exceptional company run by an ex-military man and it shows in the attention to detail and the “tight ship” that he runs. From the sales person David Brunn, who made the first contact and was punctual, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable, to the foreman, Alex and his crew, who were consummate professionals, the job could not have run smoother had I managed it myself. The company is a little pricy compared to their competition, but you “get what you pay for” as the old saying goes. The tear-off crew showed up punctually on Monday morning and began the tear-off. They worked quickly and efficiently and were done by noon. They cleaned up the area including using a broom-like magnet to pick up all the nails, screws and other small metal debris. Alex and his crew showed up around the same time along with the company delivering the roofing materials. Tar paper was laid down in strategic places and all materials were loaded on the roof. Alex and his crew had the roof completely tar-papered before they left on Monday. They cleaned up each day before they left as well, also using a broom-like magnet. I went out to check. David Brunn had dropped off plastic sheeting as a precaution against rain. He says that the “boss” requires it as standard practice. Again, attention to detail. It rained lightly on Monday evening, but the roof was fully protected. The crew worked a long, hard day on Tuesday and told me they would be finished before noon on Wednesday. They were done before their estimated time. Alex was wonderful and answered any and all questions I asked, no matter how silly. I learned a lot about steep pitched roofs and the right way to install a valley. The crew cleaned the roof, the work area and the ground around both my and my neighbors houses to ensure that no debris was left. I am extremely satisfied with my new roof and the quality of the work performed and would definitely use this company again. Two and a half days and a brand new roof. Let “El Nino” do its worst !