Long Beach

Above it All was not the first roofer we contacted – nor were they the cheapest (although their quote was very competitive) –
We called to request a qoute, and we made arrangements for a couple days later to meet with Scott.  Scott took a look at the roof, and I showed him where my concern areas were (existing leaks etc).
Unforuntately, due to the condition of the roof – the best course of action was getting a whole new roof ( same thing 3 other companies told us as well – we were ready for it!)
Scott sat down with me, and discussed the different options available – He also had a selection of shingle samples in his car to review.  After running all the measurments, Scott was able to give me a full quote before he even left the initial inspection (vs multiple days for other companies).
We made our decision on the spot based on both the price, and the comfert level we felt with Scott and Above it All.
We were able to secure a date about 2 weeks off – which gave us time to get everything situated.
Our roof job started on a Thursday – Day 1 included tear off only – The crew arrived exactly (to the minute) when we were told they would arrive – and the did quick work of our roof (3 layers – 2 seperate structures) – They left the roof looking nice and clean – down to the bare wood.  The also cleaned up the mess that was caused by removing the roof.  Bravo!
Friday – the Above It All roof guys came – again -right when they said they would!  They started with wood repair – thankfully – most of the wood was solid.
The next step was the only negative part of the project, and it has NOTHING to do with Above it All – but the City of Long Beach Inspector had a super busy day, so he didn’t come out until 3:00pm – The good news is he said the wood was in great condition, and the roofers did a great job in prepping!  Bravo again!  (Note: Above it All arranged for all the permits/inspections!  made life easy!)
My fears were that this delay would push the completion back until next week – WE were pushing for finishing by Sat – Scott called and said his crew felt they could finish – I crossed my fingers.
Some of the roofing was done on Friday -but the crew had to go home at some point!
Saturday AM _ Again – right on time – The crew showed up (I think there was a few extra guys!)  They got the entire roof done just after lunch time – Amazing!  The roof looks awesome!  4 vents were installed – they look great, plus all the existing vents were properly installed and connected.
Overall – I give Above It All Roofing, and their rep Scott an A+.  I hope to never have to use them for 40 years at this house – but if i had a new house needing a roof – i’d go straight to them.