Lemon Heights

Replaced entire roof on two story 2600 sq foot home with Certainteed Landmark TL shingles. Removed a 2 layer roof – 30 year old metal shingles laid over 50 year old wood shingle. Laid all new plywood sheathing with radiant heat barrier. Replaced a 4×4 skylight on our second story, replaced most of the wood fascia trim boards, installed all new metal flashing and vent pipes. I called Above It All Roofing to have an estimate done on a complete re-roofing. The house we had purchased 2 months prior was leaking water from 3 spots and damaging our interior paint and drywall. It was a 50 year wood shingle roof with a layer of metal Decra tiles that were dented and not installed with proper flashing during an addition 20+ years prior. Dave Brunn was our project manager that came out to bid the job. We had 3 bids from A+ rated Angles List roofing companies, and while Above It All was not the cheapest, I felt the most comfortable having Dave and his team do our job. Dave inspected the roof by climbing up on it, as well as using a satellite to accurately get our square footage needed. He wrote the quote on the spot and followed up to make sure we understood everything. We were able to book the job for 2 months later. Dave handled all of the permits with the city, as well as answering my MANY, MANY questions about shingle colors, trim colors. He even ordered shingles for me to have so I could make a decision based on our home’s paint color. The job took 4 1/2 days total. The team showed up early each day and worked from 7 am until almost 5 pm. The first two days they completely tore off the old roof, and boy was that a huge undertaking. The 3rd day they laid the plywood, installed new fascia boards where needed and had the city inspector inspect and sign off on the job before moving on to the laying of shingles on the last day. They painted all roof vents and flashing to match the new roof color. At the end of each day, they completely cleaned up the job site, removing nails, debris and wood to make our yard safe and clean. Every worker at the site was polite, and Alex, our foreman, was there to answer every single question I had throughout the week. (There were many!) Project manager Dave Brunn was at the site every day, many times per day, checking on progress and answering questions as needed. Our foreman Alex even recommended a painter for us to have our home painted after the roofing was completed. The painter he recommended painted our entire house and did a fabulous job as well. The level of communication from this team was exceptional. We couldn’t be more pleased. Our original quote was a bit lower than the final cost, due to the wood replacement we needed. The roofing company will not know how much wood rot you have until the roof is completely torn off, so make sure you budget for the price to increase slightly due to this. We were told this up front so there were no surprises as the job progressed. Overall, I consider myself a pretty picky person when it comes to home repairs. I will pay for quality, and expect the best service. Above It All Roofing definitely delivered beyond what I expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone for a roofing job.