La Habra

I highly recommend Above It All Roofing.  Jay was very prompt, professional, and explained all the options thoroughly.  
If you care about the aesthetics of your home, make sure to go online and take a look at the O’Hagin attic vents Jay uses versus the vents most other roofers specify.  There’s a BIG difference and, not only do Jay’s vents look a lot better, but also they allow much greater air flow which will help keep your attic and home much more comfortable in the summer without having to run the AC as much.  Proper venting is critical for long-term roof performance and most roofers under-specify this aspect because it is an extra cost that many homeowners do not understand the importance of and therefore do not value.  This is one area where a few extra dollars spent on the front end will pay big dividends for years to come (Yes, I’m a bit nerdy and did a bunch of research on this topic).
Price was very competitive and was accompanied by by numerous value-added details both in the tangible end product and service quality that made the overall value superior.  At risk of sounding like a commercial, Above It All Roofing’s name says it all.