This is the first review I have ever submitted, but I am making an exception because it pleases me to report our experience. My wife and I recently moved to the Shady Canyon area of Irvine from another county in Southern California. The first major thing we knew we had to undertake was the replacement of the entire clay tile roof. Without the benefit of our previous list of trusted vendors accumulated over 30 years, we were faced with hiring someone we didn’t know; a fairly sizeable risk considering the size and cost of the project. Naturally, we turned to the web as a starting point. Among the roofing companies we found listed was one whose reviews were almost too good to be true; Above It All Roofing. We are experienced in real estate matters and, by nature, cautious people who subscribe to the principle that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So, we performed our due diligence including, among other things, verification of license, an absence of litigation, and an interview with a prior customer. The feedback was all positive. Additionally, we were willing to give the company the benefit of any further doubt because the owner previously served in the U.S. military. So, we took a chance. And, we’re very glad we did. The company’s sales rep and job supervisor, David Brunn, showed up promptly after my initial inquiry and he had solid answers to my questions and concerns. Thereafter, he and his crew performed exactly as he promised, taking care with the details of the installation and leaving the job in such a condition that you’d never know they had been here. We can now start to accumulate a new list of reliable vendors starting with this company.