Description of work:
As everybody knows in Southern California February 2017 and fall of 2016 we had alot more rain than previous years. Our roof had a small leak which got a little bigger with subsequent rainfalls in our area— Aliso Viejo. I think most of Aliso Viejo will need to Reset the Tiles on their roofs since the roofing felt paper basically no longer exists after 24 years. We bought this house brand new in 1994 and the builder only used 1 layer of roofing felt paper. In other words my whole neighborhood has a single layer of roofing felt paper ( or did have a single layer of roofing paper) under each house tiles. I called 2 other roofing companies. One told me that it could be a couple of days or several weeks before they could come out and see the leak in my roof after I called them about 10 times. 9 times I never got a response telephone wise or email. The other roofing company told me a date and they did call back but it was too late. I called Above It All Roofing and I got a call back within 1 hour. We decided to hire Above It All Roofing and we were glad we did. Dave was the contact person who came out and looked at the leak and told us the options and costs of each option. We decided to fix the leak and later changed our mind to “ReSet the Tile” for the whole roof. Dave said we basically got a new roof only reusing the tiles since he said they last a long time. The workers — Manuel, Nacho and his 2 brothers did the work on the roof. They were punctual, professional and took pride in the work they do. From start to finish their company is very professional.
We are happy with our new roof but hope we never have to see them again. They said it won’t leak again and if it does a 10 year warranty is part of the contract. It is no means cheap to put on a new roof but we did not want to hire some company that will do a shoddy job and have to rehire another roofing company to clean up the mess. We did not want to have to repair a leak here and a leak there every time it rains either. We recommend Above It All Roofing for you roofing needs.