Description of work: We enjoy a 3,000 Sq Ft two story home in Irvine with a complex tiled roof, including circular, flat, angled, multilevel, dormer, and turret components. When we purchased the home, another roofing company other than Above It All Roofing repaired wood and tile around the perimeter. Over subsequent years, leaks dripping through our ceiling occurred during the heavy rainy seasons and continued in spite of two further repairs by the same company. This spring, 2017, the leaks recurred and we switched to Above It All Roofing to work with a structural engineer and the City inspectors. The complex roof did not have adequate grading for drainage. The entire roof had to be removed, the pitch/grade in two locations changed, over 100 feet of dry rot wood replaced, new felt put down, and tile replaced. Existing guttering was retained. Exposed wood was primed and painted. New flashing was installed. As much as possible, the existing tile was salvaged and reused. Any broken tile was replaced with new matching tile. The City inspector, structural engineer, and ourselves as owner/residents were extremely pleased with the outcome. All work was done according to City code and final inspection recorded. There have been no further leaks during subsequent rains. Above It All Roofing went above and beyond throughout. Due to the extent of the project, a window of dry weather was necessary. They placed a large tarp on the house at no charge while waiting, which prevented further leaks. They coordinated well with ourselves, the engineer, and Inspector—all remained involved throughout. They are local to Irvine. Their manager was on site several times each day plus intermittent visits by the company owner. During the approximately two weeks of the project, they started and finished each day on time, thoroughly cleaned the entire site before leaving, did not damage any of the landscaping/garden, and kept a cover over the pool. As we vacated the house the first week and occupied it the second, they were conscientious in coordinating the security of gates and the alarm system. Their entire team was courteous, pleasant to both ourselves, other service individuals needing grounds access, and neighbors. They parked in a manner respectful to neighbors. They complied with Home Owner Association guidelines. When their trailer placed in our driveway was filled and periodically taken to the dump, they included a few unrelated items that we wanted removed at no charge. All their employees are insured and bonded. At our request, expenses for the dump, hauling, engineer, Inspector, materials, and labor were all included in payment to Above All Roofing. They did not request any payment until the job was complete and honored the Angie’s List coupon. A warranty came with the work. I consider the value received a bargain at $32,000. We highly recommend them for any roofing needs from simple to complex. We would use them on any roofing project in the future. They are truly customer service oriented. They deserve straight A+ and Super Service award status. We have no conflict of interest, are not related to Above It All Roofing, nor received any consideration for this review. Description of work: