I had to cancel the job with them due to my personal financial situation but would like to share my experience on working with the company. Back in January, my roof was leaking so I started searching for a roofer on Angie’s List. After looking at reviews and wanting to work with someone more local in Irvine area, I decided to contact Above it All via Angie’s. Mike was quick to respond to my inquiries. A couple days later, Dave Brunn showed up at my doorsteps on time, looked around my house and determined that I need to do a tile reset of whole roof and provided me with a quote. Dave was very professional and knowledgeable about my house since they have worked on many houses in the neighborhood before. He even drove me around the neighborhood and showed me the work they have done. All looked great! He is super easy to talk to and explained in details on issues that my roof is having. I felt Dave is trustworthy and reliable. if you are in Irvine area, I recommend that you contact Mike/Dave for your roofing needs or contact them for second opinions/quotes.. They may not be the cheapest, but based on the houses I have saw, they do great quality work which give you a good looking roof and a peace of mind. Roof is a big investment so I prefer a reliable contractor to work on it, instead of cheapest deal. Again, unfortunately, I had to cancel my roofing job due to personal cash flow issue.. Dave was very understanding, consulted Mike and offered me a couple options. After some thoughts, I decided to cancel the contract job for now and thank Dave for his time and support. I was looking forward to work with Dave. Anyway, I will not hesitate in working with Above It All again in the future.