They replaced the tar paper under the Spanish tiles on my entire roof. They sealed air conditioning pipes and vents on roof which the air conditioning installer had not done. That saved me from some terrible leaks that would have happened. They didn’t charge me for that. They also noted severe termite damage to upstairs window frames and replaced that wood for a very fair additional cost to me of only $300. Back in late Sept. they sent some men toe put tarps over the areas that leaked, just in case it rained before they were scheduled to begin work. They did not charge me for that service either. The entire roof only took them 2.5 days to complete. The first big rain will test the roof as only a rain can do, but I feel confident that it will not leak. The owners were very responsive to my calls and questions before, during and after the job was done. If any problems arise in the future they asked me to call them. I highly recommend “Above It All”.