Phone consultation about tile roof inspection and tune up services.
On Saturday, 9/19 morning, I submitted an inquiry to Above It All Roofing, asking about the possibility of doing a roof inspection report for my home. There isn’t anything wrong that I am aware of. Personally, I was looking for some professional opinion and guidance to see if an inspection and/or maintenance was recommended.
Please excuse me if I got the caller’s name wrong. 🙂
David called me in the afternoon to discuss my request. He was extremely courteous and honest. It helped tremendously that he lives in Irvine and knows exactly the Irvine community where my home is located.
He patiently answered my questions about the tile roof inspection report and the roof tune up service costing. However, it was his professional and honest opinion that such service wasn’t needed yet in my community (built 2001-2002). He pointed out that the community across the street from my homes were the ones needing checkups.
In summary, I will hold off the roof inspection request for a few more years. But when the time comes for any roofing services, Above It All Roofing, will definitely be my first to call for what they did today. This is a veteranowned company that is honest and ethical.