Huntington Beach

Complete re-roof of flat roof and new tile on the sloped area.  In short, a wholesale new roof.

When you think of the areas that are most concerning when hiring contractors, 3 come to my mind:  1) Honest and fair dealings in terms of price and services provided, 2) workmanship or quality and 3) punctuality and getting it completed within a given time.  Above It All (specifically Jay G. who was our contact throughout) performs exceptionally in all three of these areas.  
Our home has both a flat and pitch roof that we were replacing before the flat roof could give us issues this winter.  Above it all uses a newer technology product than the traditional hot mop.  It’s lighter, stronger, more energy efficient, and gives us a longer labor guarantee than the others we looked at.  The price was slightly higher overall, but we felt it to be a good value for the extra warranty – especially on flat roofs.  
Once the contract was signed, the only delay was due to Huntington Beach’s sometimes (always?) overzealous building and safety department adding a few additional requirements to getting the roof permit.  Even with the additional requirement of an engineer cert, they only started 2 days later than initially projected.  The guys got there early and stayed late…a novel concept for some in the construction business I realize, but it was appreciated.  The tiles look great and they did a great job of job site clean-up both during and following the job.  I suppose the true test will be the first big rain this year, but looking at the workmanship, it appears to be as good as we could have expected.  Finally, they had several additional, significant,  and unexpected expenses due to the new building codes that they ended up having to eat as they did honor the initial contract price.  I am not sure how much they made on our house, but my guess is after the extra costs it wasn’t too much.  They were more interested in getting referrals from us, which I would gladly do given how painless the process was compared to how it could have been.   A new roof isn’t just a small project, but it felt that way with them.  A great experience overall.