Huntington Beach

Being a retired shop teacher, I try to do most home repairs myself and am very critical of work done on my property by others. Roofing, though, is a lot of work and needs a skilled team of people—tearoff, carpenters,
metalworking, and shingle layers. After getting some quotes ($2-3K more)from the big box stores, who spec’d
things like
expensive full width ridge vents, it was a pleasure to talk to Jay Gioia, who was straightforward and laid out the options. The only wild card with roofing is how much termite damage was done to lumber and plywood requiring
replacement, but the All Above rate per foot was much lower than others. The job was scheduled quickly with
frequent email progress reports and coordination with city inspectors. It was obvious he enjoyed working for his
company and through his actions, upheld its reputation for high quality work. I had my teenage son with me while
talking with Jay, and was very pleased that he saw a competent, polite, and skilled contractor as a role model—such was not the case in the past with other tradespeople. The result was a great looking roof for a very fair price, along with some pride of workmanship details, like trimming the starter edge strip flush with the facia that really made the job look first rate. Above It All will be at the top of my referral list for my neighbors.