Huntington Beach

I originally went out on my own and got 4-5 quotes from roofer contractors. At the last minute, I joined Angie’s List. Because of that, I was able to toss one contractor out immediately because of the poor rating. As I was poking around, I noticed Above it All Roofer with a very high rating. They received an A rating with over 120 reviews. With that, I hired them. Jay was very nice and professional. As the other contractors hounded me after giving me quotes, Jay just let the quote and the reviews speak for themselves.  Right of f the bat I got a 5% discount for mentioning Angie’s List. Sounded good to me!! Jay and I haggled about the bottom line – you have to try and reduce the price, right !!? After agreeing on a price, I called Jay back a few days later to set up the start of the new roof. Originally, my date was a few weeks away, which didn’t really bother me, but somehow Jay was able to change the date to be in a couple of days. Fine. First day of demo and I got a call from Jay.  That’s the last thing anyone wants to get.  First thought is dollars signs. Turns out that the plywood that was quoted in my price wasn’t going to be needed and BAM another discount!  YAY for my side!!  In all my dealings with contractors, that has never happened! He could have easily screwed me on that one. I was very pleased that the roof was done in TWO days!  Now, for the walk about. Oil drippings on the driveway along with what appeared to be tar – not a lot but some. An ashtray made out of a lemon, more tar spots on the back patio. Looking up you see that they used too long of nails so you see nails coming through the eaves – sporadically around the entire house. I must admit, my eaves had issues, a few wasp nests, spider webs, spider eggs, etc. Not pretty. Jay walked the house and took note of all my concerns.  I was surprised that 2 days later a painter showed up at my door asking if he could take a look around to give Jay an estimate to fix the nails, patching and painting of my eaves. I have no idea when everything happened as I was at work, but one day someone came by to power spray my house (which removed all the oil spotting and tar as well). The next day the eaves were repaired and painted.   I didn’t hear from Jay until a few days later.  He never once asked for any sort of payment.  He comes today. We haven’t discussed what the new price of the roof is – remember the plywood? Sometimes, stuff just happens.  It all depends on how the contractor, Jay in this scenario, handles the situation. He was very calm (not sure I would be with some of the performance of my workers) and professional, always!  He’s also a really nice person. I have recommended Above it All.