Hacienda Heights

Above it all Roofing replaced the entire roof.  This includes rotted plywood underneath old shingles, rotted eaves, repaired gap between the house and the garage.

The job was pushed back a day due to the weather.  On the start date the crew was ready to work at 7:00 a.m.  They started right way tearing off the old material and worked all day.  The entire job took four days with minor touch ups on the fifth day.  We had an old patio in the back yard which needed to be torn down since the eaves needed to be replaced.  We were very fortunate that Scott Byrn agreed to tear it down AND haul away the old patio at no charge.  We were even able to get rid of some other stuff we needed to scrap.  On day one Scott had indicated that due to one of their trucks being at another job the trash was going to be left at the house.  We didn’t mind but the trash was also there the next day.  We called Scott and he was very accommodating at the end when we finalized payment and apologized for what was left behind.  There were some concerns we had after everything went up but he addressed them and everything was good.  We liked the fact he took pictures of damage underneath the shingles and showed us what they needed to replace in addition to what was on the contract.  We ultimately knew the price could go up after the roof was torn apart.  Although they were the most expensive of the quotes we received we felt very comfortable with Scott therefore awarding the bid to Above It All Roofing Inc.