Garden Grove

As far as replacing and rebuilding your roof, Above It All Roofing is an excellent choice.  Not only were they the lowest quote of those that I asked for, their work and service was great.  When they came for an estimate, it was prompt, thorough, hassle and pressure free (unlike some others who I couldn’t seem to get out of my house!)  They took measurements, showed me their samples so i could decide on color and type and that was it!  They gave me the estimate on the spot.  Had they not been the lowest bid, I probably would have picked them still (within reason…but being the lowest made it a no-brainer).
After selection, communication was easy via phone or email.  I had schedule issues due to my work and they were willing to work with me when the schedules changed.  Turned out I need not have worried.  After taking the first work day off of work to ensure things started smoothly, I returned to work the next day and let them do their thing.
But you can tell a lot from when things do go wrong.  One day, it seemed that in using their equipment, it caused a short on my garage’s 120VAC.  They listened and were quick to respond.  They hired an electrician to come and fix the problem, but I found the issue before the electrician came and it turned out to be nothing.  But the fact that they were ready to take care of their issues impressed me.
So overall, very happy!  My only “complaint” (if you can call it that) is that they are specialized in roofing only.  I had to find separate contractors to do my gutters and skylight upgrades.  Though they are ready with recommended contractors for such jobs if you need it.
Again: A job well done.