My house is 90-years old. The roof was totally thrashed, consisting of 5 layers of composite shingles (even though you’re never supposed to have more than 3). I got quotes from 5 or 6 different roofers and Mike’s quote was WAY below any of the others (less than half the price of some of the other roofers). I also was impressed with him and felt that he was giving me straight talk about the obvious and potential hidden costs (like replacing any dry-rotted wood). I signed the contract and sent it in and Mike told me it would be about a 3-week wait. It ended up being a 3-month wait (which is why I gave the C for punctuality). I called numerous times to check, and Mike always personally returned my call within a couple of hours and assured me that I was on the list. At that price, I didn’t really care that I had to wait so long; the roof wasn’t leaking or anything, it was just an eyesore! Finally in February they came and did the job in 3 days, just like Mike said. The new roof looks great. Mike’s estimate for the amount of dry rot (which you can’t see until after they tear off the old roof) was right on. After the job was done, I noticed they had left a big mess in my garage (shingle pieces and stuff). I called Mike to complain and they came out the next day and cleaned everything up. In the end my garage was cleaner than before they started the job. I’ll post some pictures to show the before and after of the roof!