Diamond Bar

Did a tile-off roof repair and replacement of facia boards and clap boards. We have a 30 year old house with the original cement tile roof. We have owned this house since it was built. The roofing job was poor from day one. All along it has needed to have the
roofing paper replaced. We have artificial turf lawns around the house, and Above It All Roofing laid tarps over these areas so that they would not be damaged during their work. Outstanding !!!! Now, Above It All Roofing did not color match the facia boards or the clap boards to the color of the house. However, the wood is primed. You can either paint it yourself, or like us arrange to have the house painted so that all the wood matches.
Above It All Roofing did an outstanding job. They started on a Monday
and first they power washed the tile roof, removing 30 years of dirt. They then cleaned
out the rain gutters. We were told this would take 4-5 days to pull off the tile,
repaper and reinstall the old tiles. The job was done by Wednesday afternoon. Keep in
mind they removed all of the tiles, removed the old (what was left) felt paper, replaced some facia boards and clap boards, layed down two layers of 30-lb felt paper,
re-installed the tiles, and cleaned up the place; all in 3 days. Some of the tiles were
cracked or
damaged during removal. Above It All Roofing replaced those tiles, and placed them in areas so that they could not be seen from the street (these tiles looked newer than the tiles we already had) Now, if there is a down side, it centers on the dirt from the roof
after it has been power washed. We essentially had to sweep and wash down our pool area
our patio areas, our walk ways, and drive way to get the sand and grit out of the yards. But, hey the whole job came out great. The roof looks new and we have had lots of
compliments from the neighborhood. Also no more roof leaks !!