Cowan Heights

The running joke re our 50 year old shake shingle roof was, one more good wind and the roofers wouldn’t have to charge us for removal.

Five minutes after calling Above It All Roofing, I got a call from David Brunn, Sales and Project Manager, that afternoon Dave came by the house and wrote up a contract with a great quote. We were anxious as to what additional work would be needed once the shingles came off, but Dave was very reassuring that they could handle it, even if there were a slight increase in cost. I had my doubts as to them having seen ‘worse jobs’, I knew we had to be right up there in the top two! To no one’s surprise, the Tear Off Team, were done in less than two hours.

Once the roofing job started, I had a suggestion re the facia at the front of the house and Dave made it happen…no fuss no problem! Dry rot and termite damaged made it necessary to replace 6 sheets of plywood and it increased the quote a minimal amount…well worth it!

Dave was available by phone and came to the worksite at least once a day – despite seeing surgeons for a broken hand..probably from writing up so many contracts! 🙂 Manuel who headed up the roofing crew was exceptional: they showed up promptly, worked steadily throughout the day, despite the tremendous heat wave we were experiencing, and cleaned up after each day.

The Above It All Roofing team are hard-working, pleasant and professional. Highly recommend Above It All…because when it comes to roofing, they are!!

I used to say I’d rather have a root canal than have to replace my roof, but, I was wrong…this was painless!