We got quotes from several roofing companies, and Above It All Roofing was very competitive. The other providers we had contacted all had good reviews on Angie’s List, so what made us choose Above It All was the amount of effort they put in to get our business, and to make sure we were happy. Before we had even signed the contract, Jay Giola stopped by our house more than once, to do the initial estimate, drop off samples, etc. He worked to negotiate the lowest price that he could on materials, and matched any extras offered by the other roofers that we had talked to.
Jay was able to schedule us within several weeks of the contract signing. His crew showed up right on time and worked very hard. We were very impressed their pride in workmanship — when my husband would go outside, the foreman would excitedly talk to him about what they were working on, and explain why the methods they were using were the best for our roof.
We had one small mishap where a worker stepped on a wooden roof board and it broke, allowing him to step through our ceiling (he wasn’t hurt, thankfully). Our house is 50 years old, so the wooden slats that support the roof were unexpectedly weaker in places. The workers temporarily covered the hole, and Jay had a drywall contractor come out and patch our ceiling. The contractor he brought in did an excellent job (we kept his contact info in case we need some drywall work done in the future!), and was able to seamlessly match our textured ceiling. Jay also offered to bring in a painter to repaint the section of ceiling, but it was such a small area that we said we would do it ourselves.
Overall, we were extremely happy with the work that they did. They did a good job cleaning up, too – I found maybe 5 or 6 nails in the months afterward that had been missed. I wanted to wait a bit before posting this review so that we could live with the roof for awhile first — we are just as happy with it now as the day that they finished. Thank you, Above It All Roofing (and Jay!)!