Anaheim Hills

I needed a new roof as our old one was pretty much done. I called a few roofers – not all of them called back. Pricing varied by as much as 100%, with the one who was double the price of the lowest refusing to even give a breakdown of why the delta, just threw a price down. Scott from Above It All was responsive and put up with all my questions. They have a policy of getting back to a query within 24 hours which was refreshing. Pricing they weren’t the lowest, but they gave confidence that they knew what they were quoting and the variables like new timber were under control. One of the roofers accidentally put his foot through the roof when the tiles were being taken off. This is one of the areas where problems in approach can show – none here. The damage was immediately assessed and taken care of before the roof was finished to our satisfaction. The roof was completed in time and in budget and there was absolutely no drama involved in the work – all went very smoothly. I’d recommend Above It All without hesitation. We’ve had several compliments from neighbors since the roof went up and we think it looks great.