David, the Above It All representative, came out on time and fully inspected my roof. He clearly explained all options we had and did not pressure us to go one way or another. The price he gave was quite reasonable for this area and we accepted the offer. I particularly liked the fact that this company has a lot of years in the business. As part of the service, the company replaced any dry rotted material after removing the old roof down to the plywood sheeting. We were clearly told before hand that any would replacement (i.e., wood sheeting, shiplap, etc.) would be an additional cost but at essentially the price of materials. This was quite fair since that kind of damage can only be assessed after the old roof is removed. The workers were always on time and started promptly. They worked at a good pace and took few breaks. David was present during most of the first day during roof removal and always came by thereafter to check on progress. He was a real hands on supervisor. The total job was essentially completed in two days. All permit pulling was handled by the company. City inspections all passed the first time without issue. No pre-payment was requested prior to starting work. You only pay when the work is completed to your satisfaction. The workers were courteous and answered any and all questions during roof installation. They also did a great job at keeping the work area clean. Final cleanup was also great.  Overall, I was quite pleased with the work quality and experience. This is a professional group from the word go! I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking to replace their roof. We went with a conventional shingled roof but the company works with all types of materials. Pricing can increase if the roof to be replaced has a steep pitch but this is clearly explained before hand as part of the bid. If someone is looking for a new roof, I would definitely call this company. Great job, guys!