Aliso Viejo

We had a leak in the roof forming wet spots on ceiling of 2nd floor. Repaired leak (replaced damaged felt underlay caused by slipped tiles) and performed a “roof tune-up” – Caulk, seal, paint all pipes and vents etc and reset all slipped roof tiles.

Above it all roofing performed very well – it was the only company that agreed to come out quickly to cover the area on the roof as it was in the midst of a few days of rain right before Christmas. They couldn’t repair it at that time, but they got there quickly to try and cover the area with tarp. It still leaked a bit but it prob would have been worse. They were then able to come out and repair right after Christmas. He offered the tune-up since the roof was 15 years old and no one had ever been up there after move in. We decided it was worth re-sealing everything and he also found some more slipped tiles.  They were very nice and accomodating and seemed to do a very good job – it has rained a few times since and I haven’t noticed any more spots. They gave me two trips back at no charge if I see any problems.